To Be Determined. That is what I am, left to be determined.

Hey Everyone!

Gay. Leader. Change Agent. Ally. Student. Educator. Learner. Runner. Reader. Speaker. Social Justice Warrior. Liberal. Political. Academic. International. Tiger Stripe Earner.

My name is Ethan Snyder and I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I am approaching the end of my Masters of Public Policy degree focusing in Elections, Democratization, and International Security. While I am not positive of where my next destination will be, I am sharing my story here on Turning Authentic.

I am someone who likes to continue to grow and develop. I have served as an English Teacher in the Mississippi Delta, a college administrator at two higher educational institutions in Oregon, and, currently, work on policy challenges in North Africa. I am so lucky to be in the position that I am today and loving every moment of it.

I am originally from a small town in Southern Oregon, Roseburg. I attended both high school and community college there. I have lived in Portland, Oregon, off and on, for approximately five years now. (Again, not exactly positive on the next location on my horizon) It appears that London will be my next step as I continue for my Ph.D. in Political Science.

I will strive to be honest, open, and vulnerable on this blog. I will share moments when I am down, the positives, spontaneous moments, and serendipitous opportunities. If you have questions please feel free to leave comments. Do you want me to speak about a certain topic, send in a question!